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Rich Hot and Spiritual

We're changing the rules to business success are you?



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Networking with a difference

Welcome to Rich, Hot and Spiritual – a premium networking group for entrepreneurs and business owners who are serious about growing their business, want to connect with like-minded people and create lasting relationships.

We understand the power of networking and having the opportunity to connect and have deeper conversations with the right people.

So many business owners come for the first time and get clients.


We are a premium networking event and the people who attend are serious about investing in themselves and their business.

Rich, Hot and Spiritual runs three times a year we attract around 50 business owners to each meeting. Our network spans a good full-day and includes speed-networking, 60 seconds around the table and at dessert time you move places so you get to network with more people and also present your 60 seconds again.

We also have AMAZING speakers to present on their specialist areas so we can all expand and develop our knowledge

Rich, Hot and Spiritual is part of The Blueprint Group Practice.

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