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Rich, Hot & Spiritual

Networking with a difference

Rich, Hot & Spiritual

Next event Friday 8 June 2018

Rich, Hot & Spiritual

Respect, Kindness and Generosity of Spirit

Rich, Hot & Spiritual

We’re changing the rules to business success

Rich, Hot &



Networking with a difference…

We all know that networking – whether online or offline – is a crucial part of growing your business.

But how do we want to do it?

Our way – with generosity of spirit, respect, kindness and fully embody who we really are: Rich, Hot and Spiritual!

RHS networking events are truly different. We know there is a lot of demand on your time and that’s why we only run 3-4 RHS meetings a year but we make sure we pack a whole lot into those sessions.

You’ll come to a vibrant environment where you’ll meet plenty of like-minded business people, foster great relationships, have the opportunity to learn and try our special RHS cocktail!

The best bit? There is no lock-out policy and no hefty membership fees.

If you’re a savvy business owner, you will not only love this networking event – your business will thank you for attending too.

Our ethos is all about sharing, collaborating and supporting each other as professionals and as people.

WARNING: After attending an RHS networking event you will have a desire to vacate your comfort zone and step into your courage zone.

The June 2018 RHS Meeting…


Date: Friday 8 June 2018

Location: The Bull Hotel, Oxford Road, Gerrards Cross, Bucks.

Start: 10.30am and we kick-off with Speed Networking – bring your cards and flyers

RHS Keynote Speakers: Justina Rosu – Purple Square. Justina is a Video Producer and Social Video & YouTube Strategist

Networking: Speed networking, informal structured networking and 60 seconds around the table, business card shuffle

Lunch: 3 courses served at around 12.30pm

Rich, Hot & Spiritual








Friday 8 June 2018 - £57

Our Business Crushes


Justina Rosu – Purple Square

For the last 25 years my work has been in programme development, idea generation, branding, pitching, video creation, social video campaigns, online visibility and more.

A large part of my previous career was at the BBC as a Production Manager, then in PR as an Account Executive, then I set up a Video Production company. All these three parts of my working life come together in this course, I pioneered the self-filming programme producer, so that true behind the scenes and budget films could be made.

Two years ago, I started working with Tate & Lyle on their social video campaigns and they have enjoyed the best ever ROI for any marketing campaign. Possibly even more compelling is that I’m a business owner like you, and I have now launched a personal brand business too.  I have all the same insecurities over being on camera, I don’t have a professional kit myself, remember I have a professional crew I use when filming for clients.  I have a business model like many of you have.  I’ve made this course with all this in mind, so that it meets you where you are.

Find Justina at:


We believe that:


All business owners have the right to a harmoniously fulfilling and financially rewarding business.

You have a talent and you want to take it out into the world and share it so that you can make a positive difference to people’s lives while getting paid your value.

By bringing the right people together, RHS creates beneficial connections that help you to build a business that you and your clients adore, and give you a lifestyle that you love.

Rich, Hot & Spiritual

Friday 8 June 2018 - £57



We give you 14 days to cool off after you’ve made your initial payment, just in case you decide you’ve made a mistake or you didn’t realise that it clashed with your trip to the Big Apple or that Caribbean holiday your loved one just sprung on you.

We will give you a full refund less £20 administration fee. But once that cooling off period is over there will be no more refunds and you cannot transfer your booking to another date so please make sure you check your diaries before your book.