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Welcome to the RHS Business Directory where we make connecting easier.
One of the most powerful ways to connect with new prospects is through networking with first-class business owners and our business directory reflects all the amazing entrepreneurs who have attended our networking events and want to reach a wider audience.

Our business directory members find that their visibility increases tenfold because we regularly promote our members across our social media platforms via our parent company The Blueprint Practice. 

To find out how to become a member of the RHS Business Directory please contact carole@blueprintpractice.com.

Our ethos is all about sharing, collaborating and supporting each other as professionals and as people.

Photo of Big Idea Brand Marketing

Big Idea Brand Marketing


HELLO: I’m Lynne and I help consultants who aim to play BIG – to build a brilliant brand you love – and feel so proud of.

HOW I HELP: I work with consultants, coaches, therapists and makers, with heart and purpose, who want a brand they feel proud of. After rebranding, you’ll feel confident working with people from big companies – and promoting your business at scale.…

Photo of Blueprint Group

Blueprint Group


HELLO – I’m Carole Bozkurt  – I help coaches who struggle with selling and marketing to build a six-figure business.

HOW I HELP: I work with ambitious coaches, consultants and creatives who struggle with selling and marketing to generate a flow of clients and bank more money so that they can have the freedom to create a life they truly desire.…

Photo of Chiltern Hypnotherapy

Chiltern Hypnotherapy

Photo of Feel Fab Naturally

Feel Fab Naturally

HELLO: I’m Philippa – I help you feel fab with better sleep and energy so that you can live life to the full.

HOW I HELP: Are you beginning to feel the age on your birthday card?

Problems sleeping, a lack of energy and niggly aches & pains can add up to you not feeling like yourself anymore.…

Photo of Fresnel Evergreen Ltd

Fresnel Evergreen Ltd

HELLO, I’m Christian – I interview you to create blogs, posts, eBooks, emails and webinars that build communities of interested sales leads who can be converted into ideal clients.

HOW I HELP: I position your product or service into a unique mapping system that allows me to interview you. I then use your answers to create 20 x Blogs, 200 x Social Media Posts, 1 x eBook Lead Magnet, 3 x email Campaigns, 2 x Website Pages and a Webinar.…

Photo of Louise J Green

Louise J Green


HELLO I’m Louise – I help yoga teachers fill their classes so that they can share the joy of yoga and grow a profitable business.

HOW I HELP: I work with ambitious, committed yoga teachers and take them from being overlooked to fully booked.

Building a successful business can feel overwhelming and time-consuming and it’s my mission to demystify this process.…

Photo of Your Body in Harmony

Your Body in Harmony

HELLO, I’m Christina, a cranial osteopath, and I help you to walk away from your aches and pains.


HOW I HELP: If you struggle with stubborn aches and pains, for example after too much computing, or driving, or sitting at your desk or grand piano – I can help.

If you have scars, whether from accidents or operations, that may be limiting your movement – I can help

If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and your body is suffering from the toxic shock of the whole experience – I can help

If your posture is changing as you are getting older and you don’t want to look like your aged grandmother – I can help If you sing, or play a musical instrument, and feel that your body is tightening up in ways that are not helpful to the sound you are trying to create – I can help


I offer you Your body with less pain.…