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Fresnel Evergreen Ltd

Contact: Christian Fumic
Website: Fresnel Evergreen
Photo of Fresnel Evergreen Ltd

Biographical Info

HELLO, I’m Christian – I interview you to create blogs, posts, eBooks, emails and webinars that build communities of interested sales leads who can be converted into ideal clients.

HOW I HELP: I position your product or service into a unique mapping system that allows me to interview you. I then use your answers to create 20 x Blogs, 200 x Social Media Posts, 1 x eBook Lead Magnet, 3 x email Campaigns, 2 x Website Pages and a Webinar.
Then I optimise your social media platforms and teach you how to advertise the right way.
This drives traffic to your social posts, that drives clicks to your blogs and your blogs promote your lead magnet and your lead magnet converts your website traffic into interested emails subscribers. Then we use your email campaigns and webinars to build trust, develop relationships and prove that you are an authority within your chosen field of expertise.
That’s how you build interested sales leads who are happy to become ideal clients.

ONE-TO-ONE COACHING: I work with a handful of private clients over a 6-month and 12-month time frame. I do everything – so all you need to do is be interviewed – then sign off completed content and provide the advertising spend. I teach you how to use Google analytics so you are in 100% control and know exactly what is happening. Your numbers will never lie to you.

ONLINE COURSES: I run an 8-week online program that runs through the Signature Mapping System. Then you hand in your answers and we build your 20 x Blogs, 200 x Social Media Posts, 1 x eBook Lead Magnet, 3 x email Campaigns, 2 x Website Pages and a Webinar. This is done via a Hot-Seat method where I go through each person’s work in real-time so everyone has a chance to get their work assessed and can also learn from others.

EXPERTISE: Social Media Marketing, Blog writing, Social Post Writing, Social Media Scheduling, Lead Magnet Creation, Sales Funnel Mastery, WordPress Website Builder, Advertising Specialist for Facebook, Google AdWords, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and ActiveCampaign Specialist.

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