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Your Body in Harmony

Contact: Christina Raven
Photo of Your Body in Harmony

Biographical Info

HELLO, I’m Christina, a cranial osteopath, and I help you to walk away from your aches and pains.


HOW I HELP: If you struggle with stubborn aches and pains, for example after too much computing, or driving, or sitting at your desk or grand piano – I can help.
If you have scars, whether from accidents or operations, that may be limiting your movement – I can help
If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and your body is suffering from the toxic shock of the whole experience – I can help
If your posture is changing as you are getting older and you don’t want to look like your aged grandmother – I can help If you sing, or play a musical instrument, and feel that your body is tightening up in ways that are not helpful to the sound you are trying to create – I can help
I offer you Your body with less pain.
Every patient is different, and has their own route to the pain that in their life NOW.
I offer to truly listen to you:
to Hear your story
to seek to Understand what else is going on in your life that is “adding straws to the camel’s back”
to be a pain detective.
My treatments may include muscle and joint stretching, massage, and lifestyle advice around nutrition and exercise, as well as deep still cranial work.
This is wonderful at helping your body to release shock and stress – whether from falls on the bottom, blows to the head, emotional shock, or as mentioned above, the toxic shock of chemotherapy.
My own life story of accidents, serious illnesses and major surgery hopefully makes me a better practioner, who really understands pain from the inside.
EXPERTISE: Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Posture, Stress Relief, Nutrition, Supplements, Exercises, Health Blogging
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Updated 8 months ago.